Many New Things at Praxidyn!

We are approaching the end of our first full year of sales of our Mixmate and it has been a great year. Some of the exciting things happening include new products, new dealers, and a new innovation award.

The new Mixmate Fusion combines weight and flow measurements.

The Mixmate Fusion combines the best features of Mixmate in an economical package.  The Mixmate Fusion measures by flow for automatic chemical mixing from bulk products and a specially designed plastic inductor which measures by weight all in one compact unit.  The recordkeeping is automatic. This new plastic inductor with stainless frame design has a high flow rate rinsing system for better handling of dry products and the new software and electronics support a manifold of multiple valves to automatically route multiple bulk chemical inputs and rinse water through a single flowmeter.  The Fusion has the same patent-pending jug processing system as the original Mixmate Pro to drain, measure, rinse, record, and reconcile the data from a jug in about 12 seconds. The scale and flowmeter come pre-calibrated and no additional calibrations are needed in the field. Fusion is compatible with existing Mixmate components for system expansion through CAN Bus connections. Mixmate Fusion uses the same Android app for automated recordkeeping and the connection to the office.

The new Mixmate Flow Stack is the best value in bulk chemical handling.

The Mixmate Flow Stack is an automated chemical blending and recordkeeping system designed for bulk chemicals.  The new software and electronics support a manifold of four valves to automatically route three bulk chemical inputs and rinse water through a single flowmeter.  The system has two flowmeter options, an oval gear flowmeter and a magmeter. Both meters feature a +/- 0.5% error rating and come calibrated and no additional calibrations are needed in the field.  Multiple stacks can be combined for additional inputs. A flowmeter and valve can be added to measure and control the water in the mix. The Mixmate Flow Stack is an excellent companion product for the Handler, Chemblade, or a basic inductor.  The Mixmate Flow Stack can also be combined with the Mixmate Pro and Fusion Inductors at any time to give unmatched capabilities by any mixing system.

The Mixmate Flow Stack is controlled with the Mixmate Android App and has a connection to the office through our Intersect cloud service for data backup, work order creation, and reporting.  Compare the Mixmate Flow Stack with other manual and automated systems and you will find we have advantages of speed, automated mixing, automated records, and often the price.

New Dealers! We are pleased to be adding new dealers to assist us with local support and sales. Several major dealers have joined us this fall and it is fun to see them excited about Mixmate and where it is going. Mixmate started here in the Midwest and the territory is expanding rapidly. Mixmate has a broad range of applications and sizes from a jar test to a semi load for ground and aerial applications.

Innovation Awards! Mixmate has won several awards. Our original Mixmate Pro won a 2018 AE50 award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineers (ASABE) and an innovation award from Canada’s Farm Progress Show. Our new Mixmate Fusion has won an AE50 award from the ASABE for 2019. The Praxidyn team continues to develop innovative new products and features. Mixmate is designed to grow and not become obsolete. All systems get the latest software and can add any new component we develop.

The Mixmate Fusion and the Mixmate Flow Stack are available for order now with deliveries expected to start in January for the Flow Stack and February for the Mixmate Fusion.