Jugs Processed Quickly and Accurately.


Mixmate’s patent pending jug processing calculates the mix, measures the contents, reconciles the contents, and records the measurements automatically.  The Mixmate app calculates the amounts of each product according to a prescription, field conditions, and the requested size of the batch.  In the video, you will see the products measured by weight in the Mixmate inductor.  The bar graph shows the amount of a product as it is being poured into the inductor.

Reconciliation: Full 2.5-gallon jugs are reconciled to 2.5 gallons.  Variations in product density, the residue left in the jug, and the accuracy of the quantity in each jug can cause measurement differences to accumulate as you work.  Usage amounts will gradually accumulate errors.  When you buy a 2.5-gallon jug you want the records to show 2.5 gallons.  Mixmate reconciles the full 2.5-gallon jugs to keep your records accurate!  In the video, you may notice the first two jugs are reconciled to 2.5 gallons.  The third jug was overfilled slightly and was outside of the window to be reconciled and the actual amount of 2.55 gallons was recorded.  The fourth jug was measured for the operator and no premeasuring was required.

Rinsing: The rinse nozzle serves two purposes.  When a jug is placed over the rinse nozzle a switch is activated and low-pressure air drains the jug quickly.  The controller monitors the weight in the inductor and when the jug is empty the rinse water is turned on.  Products are measured separately from the rinse water.  The powerful rinse jet is directed at the bottom of the jug for very effective removal of settled product.  Systems that cut the bottom of the jug do not direct the rinse water at the difficult to rinse bottom of the jug.  The level in the inductor is maintained at a low level and is drained while rinsing.  Air is not required but it does speed up the process when it is available.  The process happens very quickly!

It takes about 12 to 18 seconds to pour the contents from a jug.  In the same amount of time Mixmate drains, measures, reconciles, rinses, and records the contents of a jug.  Often the most expensive products come in jugs.  Only Mixmate can give you this kind of speed and accuracy.

If you are an ag retailer or commercial applicator there is a very significant risk to your bottom line due to errors.  If you have a 2% error and a net margin of 20% on operations, the error is 10% of your income!