Chemical Mixing Streamlined

A comment that I heard at a recent tradeshow was “Sometimes you don’t want a Cadillac, you just want to get the job done.”  At first, I didn’t realize how profound this statement was.  I think that we have the best system in many ways and consider Mixmate as more of a Cadillac system.  It got me thinking about how Mixmate compares to the competition for automated mixing systems.  Most automated systems are designed to be used by an ag retailer as a large stationary mixing plant.  These systems are beautiful and expensive!  Some consider our stainless mixing inductor (hopper) as beautiful, but the real beauty of the system comes in the engineering of the hardware and software.  Elegant is a better descriptor, meaning pleasingly ingenious and simple.

Mixmate is an elegant solution for mixing chemicals and fertilizers.  What factors make Mixmate elegant?

Price.  A well-engineered system will cost less and still maintain excellent quality.  Mixmate uses CAN Bus to simplify the electrical system greatly.  CAN Bus allows our system to be modular and flexible.  A system can be designed for your needs today and is flexible if additional features are needed later.

Connected.  A connected system means your mixing data goes directly into your recordkeeping system.  A data connection is the number one feature that the ag retailer requires.  Data is synchronized between the systems in the field and the office through our Intersect cloud service and API connections.

Simple.  Easy to use and easy to learn.  A work order makes Mixmate extremely fast and easy to use in the field.  An operator just selects the job, and the app is populated with the plan for the mixing operation.  The operator only has to follow the prompts to complete the mixing, and the records are automatic.

The flexibility of Mixmate allows it to be easily added to existing manual systems to give you a low-cost upgrade to automation.  Our data connections reduce errors, lower labor costs, and simplify the system for users in the office and the field.  Mixmate is the pleasingly ingenious and simple system when you just want to get the job done!

Be Blessed!  Doug Applegate